Really relaxing experience with a thoughtful and skilled therapist

Caroline Sullivan

Really lovely experience. Very thorough and tailored to what I needed..def recommend

fionnuala ginty

I would give 10 stars if I could… amazing treatment and advice which has really helped… will definitely be returning!

Aoife Walsh

Really enjoyed my session,looking forward to my next one .

Sue Heaney

I have gone to She Kneads twice already and will be back for sure. Both times I went as I was experiencing some back pain and Giada really helped me with that. I would 100% recommend her service.

Alicia IH

Giada is absolutely fantastic, she really knows what she’s doing and it’s a fabulous holistic experience.

Elaine Toomey

Giada is a wonderful therapist. I would highly recommend her

Ilona H

Lymphatic drainage massage who helped immensely to recover post liposuction. Really recommended!

Camilla Giacomini

Great relaxing massage. Giada focuses on the different needs of clients. Would highly recommend.

Mary Lydon

amazingly friendly and knowledgeable service, my english is poor and she made sure I will feel comfortable. Can’t wait to come back, thank you so much

Borislava Prgomet

I’ve been to Giada a number of times for various treatments. I highly recommend Giada, what is exceptional is how she holds a lovely space for you to tell her how everything is going, then she uses various treatments to unblock and support you. I love her Reiki, massage, oils, sound bowls. Everything is conducive to lovely experience. Niamh

Niamh Kavanagh

Absolutely fabulous massage, can highly recommend Giada. So kind and gentle. Really great massage. Brid

Brid Stack

Giada worked wonders on me! I left my appointment feeling like a new person.

Siobhan Clarke

I have been to Giada a number of times for deep tissue massage. The first session began with a detailed consultation to identify any contra-indications, relevant medical history and areas of concern. I found Giada to be very professional, I really felt like she listened to my needs and concerns and addressed specific areas of tension in my body. It felt like she unraveled me physically and released much of the muscle tension that I was carrying from various physical activity. At the end of each session, Giada followed up with suggested stretches and exercises I can do at home to aid muscle flexibility and reduce further tension.

As a therapist, Giada is extremely knowledgeable in her area and is more than happy to share that knowledge as she works with you and on you. I would have no hesitation in recommending Giada as a massage therapist, you will not be disappointed with the level of care, information and recommendations for further self-care you receive during your sessions. I have found Giada’s deep tissue massage to be very effective and will be returning for further sessions.

Aisling Mc Donagh

5 months ago
Giada is an intuitive and empathetic massage therapist. Highly recommend her holistic approach to women’s health!

Fiona Hyland

A visit to Giada is my highest form of self care. I see her for various treatments on a semi regular basis and always feel uplifted for weeks afterwards. She’s created a warm and inviting safe space that I have immediately felt comfortable in to let my guard down. Her passion for what she does comes through in her thoroughness and knowledge. She offers further self care solutions to do at home and has pointed me in the direction of other therapies that have helped immensely. I have the utmost gratitude for her caring and compassionate nature. Every experience I have had with Giada has been so positive that I highly recommend her to anyone.

Ashley Roberts

I have been few times now, she is super friendly and has helped me a lot with my swelling, she is very knowledgeable and can definitely help with whatever your goal is.


Best massage ever after surgery.. she kneads would highly recommend plus the relief after lymphatic drainage..massage was amazing not only is she amazing she’s also such a sweetheart ❤️ and gives it her all highly recommend giada

Rosalind Arthurs

Giada is a fantastic massage therapist! I found her online when my back spasmed in Galway & I had to play violin for work the next day. She sorted me out completely and the treatment was SO lovely. She is utterly professional, knowledgable, & safe. She communicates clearly, really listens, and adjusts her treatment accordingly. I highly recommend her.

Nuala Ní Chanainn

I thought the massage and over all treatment by Giada was the best I ever had. I am really looking forward to my next appointment..

Elaine Conneely

The best massage I’ve ever recieved. I was nervous going as my body was all over the place after a C Section and 9 months of pregnancy but walking out I felt my hips were in the right place again for the first time. Giada not only put me at ease but put my muscles and joints back where they belonged!

Susan Folan

I just love Giada’s massage. Her space is always very cozy, the massage bed is absolutely comfortable with clean and smooth bedding, and her essential oils add to build this perfect ambience. She is very attentive and caring, respectful in her approaches, and I feel very relaxed and safe to just enjoy what she is offering. Her touch is tender and firm at the same time. I always leave her place very peaceful and in a great mind space. Would highly recommend her!!

Helena Angelini

Amazing massage therapist, I’ve become a regular customer now! Her lymphatic drainage sessions and massage sessions are excellent, she is a true professional and she adapts to every client’s needs. Giada not only provides therapy, she also provides advice on how to manage your concerns outside the sessions and lifestyle advice. I highly encourage everyone to try her out, you’ll never be disappointed!

Bianca Petrascu

Giada, was extremely attentive and diligent. Felt amazing after and will definitely be returning as she released a lot of built up tension!

Niamh Shaughnessy

Giada is really knowledgable and professional – I felt at ease immediately. The appointment was very relaxing and beneficial – I’ll definitely be back!

Michelle Kyne

Hands down the best massage I have ever had! Giada is fantastically knowledgeable and took the time to carefully tailor the massage to my needs following a consultation. I felt instant relief after the session and continue to be uplifted weeks later. Such a calming space too! I will definitely be back 😊

Louise O’Boyle

I would have no hesitation in recommending Giana’s. She is such a lovely welcoming and caring person. She is very respectful to her clients and room is so warm and cozy for massage. I will definitely be back again.

Debbie Joyce

I cannot reccomend She Kneads high enough, I had a wonderful session with Giada. Giada was so lovely and very professional. I learned so much about all the different muscles in my body while she was working away on it.I will definitely be back.😃😃😃😃😃

Maggie Pomphrett

Very friendly and warm welcome, detailed explanations and great care and attention. Very relaxing atmosphere and a brilliant professional massage! A few days later I felt my whole body completely different and much better! Great professional, highly recommend!

Eli Bolyarska

I recently had Access Bars Sessions with Giada and they have been a life changing! I never experienced anything like it. So simple, yet so powerful! If you have any blocks and want to work on them, I would highly recommend Giada and Access Bars sessions.
Giada’s gentle approach, knowledge and passion combined are making this process so enjoyable and empowering. Thank you Giada for your support and work!

Malgorzata Klonowska

Giada is extremely knowledgeable and provides a relaxing, safe environment. I felt amazing after my session with her. Highly recommend

Emma Corcoran

Going into my session with Giada I felt emotionally numb, my anxiety was at its peak and I felt pain in my back. It is now about two weeks after my session and for the first time in a long time I feel like my soul is back in my body and my mind isn’t in three places at once. The pain in my back is gone and I’m more motivated than ever. Would highly recommend Giada, the work she does is so powerful that I don’t even recognise the person I was two weeks ago. Not only has my mind slowed down but my body feels less dense and heavy. I feel motivated and more connected to my body as opposed to my thoughts. So happy to have found someone trustworthy and genuinely good at what they do.

Hazel Cunningham

Giada is absolutely magic! Her reiki and access bars treatments make a huge difference to my wellbeing. She has a natural and instinctive healing energy, and by going for regular sessions I am more grounded and peaceful. She always checks in afterwards and is incredibly generous with her time during sessions. I recommend her enormously!

Second AC

The massage I received from Giada was just what I was looking for. She was very thorough with my consultation and tailored beautiful oils to my needs. I will definitely be booking more treatments in the near future.

Laura Mooney

I can highly recommend Giada. She is thoroughly dedicated to her craft, attentive, aware and tuned in to your needs. She creates a safe, clear and open environment. It is a nourishing experience.

Olive Rossiter

It was a very good and professional experience. Jada treated me for a lower back pain that I have since a while. I already felt better after the session and I’m continuing to improve with the exercises that she give to me.
I sincerely recommend to anyone.

Lorenzo Junior Muscoso

Had an hour long massage with Giada yesterday. She was so thorough with her initial assessment that I knew I was in good hands. She explained everything so well and made up a beautiful mix of oils based on what scents I liked. I went in feeling a little stressed with some tension in my neck and shoulders and left a new woman-felt wonderful and the most relaxed in a long time!

Trudy Kelliher

Giada without doubt has a natural gift for her chosen profession. From the moment I met her I found her to be so professional, caring, and empathetic.
She identified so accurately my difficulties and provided me with some great advice on how to alleviate these pains and aches in a very holistic and approachable manner.
I would 100% recommend Giada.

Deirdre Mac Sweeney

I’ve gotten multiple treatments from Giada and after each one I’ve walked out of the appointment feeling refreshed and with a new lease of life. More recently I had a treatment with Giada that changed my perspective a lot and gave me great action points for improving my life. Giada is diligent, thorough and highly professional. If you’re considering getting treatments done with Giada, I would highly recommend them.

Eanna Fitzgerald

Since I have started attending Giada my headaches have virtually disappeared. She has a very unique and special way of making a person relaxed with her caring holistic approach. I look forward to my next appointment and can’t Giada highly enough.

John Fahy

Had a brilliant treatment . Giada is absolutely lovely .
I felt very relaxed and in my body after and definitely have felt less stressed , more present .
Will see her again for sure and highly recommend

Selene Moon

I recently went to Giada for a lymphatic massage and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience from start to finish. I really enjoyed how she talked me through the massage beforehand and took every little detail into consideration. I was stressed and feeling really low energy before the massage but I came out feeling relaxed and my energy was much higher the next day. I really recommend Giada, she was so welcoming and attentive!

Emma Cosgrove

Giada is extremely professional and knowledgeable! She is intuitive, very attentive and sensitive to what your body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure. I will definitely be going back asap. I would highly recommend.

EimearJean McCormack

My treatment with Giada was absolutely brilliant! I felt recharged and energized and truly taken care of! Not only Giada is extremely professional and conscientious about her treatment and patients but I was also provided valuable information for self-care and exercises to prevent further strain. If you are in need of a massage treatment performed by a respectful and caring practitioner, this is the place to go to, search no further!

Alexandre VanFrackem

I love receiving treatments from Giada, she is very thorough, respectful and knowledgeable in every aspect of her work. When I’m not in the country and use another massage therapist I always compare and rate them on my experience with Giada. I’m yet to find better. An absolute must if your Galway!

Jill McCabe

Can’t recommend Giada enough. Attentive, empathetic and professional to meet the needs of her clients. Amazing at what she does best. 5/5 massage.


Can't recommend Giada enough

Would highly recommend – had one massage therapy session a month ago and felt incredible afterwards! All sessions are specific to the client which I found was very thoughtful and Giada had lots of recommendations for me based on my body’s requirements! I can’t wait to go back!


I can't wait to go back!

I received a reply very promptly and was even given some advice and things to try before my appointment which was very thoughtful and kind. She cares about her customers.


She cares about her customers

Giada’s massage is at the same time gentle and deep. I felt a very profound relaxation and a high feeling of awareness and presence, and I think her focus and attention plus the cozy ambience she provides made this possible. Probably one of the best massages I’ve received. Highly recommend.



A massage with Giada is my favourite gift to myself. Every massage is a winner and makes such a difference to my overall wellbeing. What I especially love is that Giada liaises with the client so that the level of pressure is just right ….



Giada is extremely talented. Very enjoyable experience and knowledgeable. It is personalised focusing on aspects the client chooses prior to the treatment. Made feel very relaxed throughout the treatment, I would recommend this business to a friend!


I would recommend to a friend!

Giada is highly knowledgeable and intuitive massage practitioner. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with her. She can do it firmly when I need that and more gentle when I need that too. I 100% recommend Giada.


100% recommend Giada

Giada of She Kneads had my knotted shoulders sorted out in no time. Attentive to one’s preferences with regard to massage pressure and general comfort. Balanced pressure with ease. Strength with a gentle manner. Thank You!


Strength with a gentle manner

Amazing service – professional and friendly, made me feel super relaxed and did wonders to my sore shoulder.


Amazing service!