Talk About A Pain In The Neck…

That’s exactly what I’m here to do actually.

How often do you really think about your neck, UNLESS it’s in some kind of pain?

Neck’s are quite an interesting part of the body. They hold our heavy heads, turning it as we need, improving our field of vision beyond our peripherals. They provide a pivot point that separates from the body, allowing for dynamic movement and a range of flexibility we often take for granted.

For its size, the neck actually houses MANY important structures, including our cervical spine, our throat, larynx or “voice box”, our thyroid, not to mention a bunch of muscles and major arteries and blood vessels.

The neck muscles do us a lot of favours. They allow us to speak, swallow, yell for help, look up at the stars or steal a second glance.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the only jointless bone in the body is found in the neck? It’s called the hyoid bone and it is purely suspended by muscle and tissue. What does it do? Well it supports the tongue, which sits above it, AND it holds up the larynx, which hangs below.

The neck is a part of the body often neglected until it’s too late. Until you’ve slept funny and can’t move for instance. So why not learn to take better care of your neck? Why not learn about proper posturing and stretches to keep you sitting straight and with less pain for longer?

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That way when you choose to look back at the silly aches and pains you used to live with, you’ll be able to pain free!