Can’t recommend Giada enough. Attentive, empathetic and professional to meet the needs of her clients. Amazing at what she does best. 5/5 massage.


Can't recommend Giada enough

Would highly recommend – had one massage therapy session a month ago and felt incredible afterwards! All sessions are specific to the client which I found was very thoughtful and Giada had lots of recommendations for me based on my body’s requirements! I can’t wait to go back!


I can't wait to go back!

I received a reply very promptly and was even given some advice and things to try before my appointment which was very thoughtful and kind. She cares about her customers.


She cares about her customers

Giada’s massage is at the same time gentle and deep. I felt a very profound relaxation and a high feeling of awareness and presence, and I think her focus and attention plus the cozy ambience she provides made this possible. Probably one of the best massages I’ve received. Highly recommend.



A massage with Giada is my favourite gift to myself. Every massage is a winner and makes such a difference to my overall wellbeing. What I especially love is that Giada liaises with the client so that the level of pressure is just right ….



Giada is extremely talented. Very enjoyable experience and knowledgeable. It is personalised focusing on aspects the client chooses prior to the treatment. Made feel very relaxed throughout the treatment, I would recommend this business to a friend!


I would recommend to a friend!

Giada is highly knowledgeable and intuitive massage practitioner. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with her. She can do it firmly when I need that and more gentle when I need that too. I 100% recommend Giada.


100% recommend Giada

Giada of She Kneads had my knotted shoulders sorted out in no time. Attentive to one’s preferences with regard to massage pressure and general comfort. Balanced pressure with ease. Strength with a gentle manner. Thank You!


Strength with a gentle manner

Amazing service – professional and friendly, made me feel super relaxed and did wonders to my sore shoulder.


Amazing service!