She Kneads

She Kneads is a branch of holistic health care at its finest, offered and available to women of all ages and stages of life in Galway City, Ireland.

Treatments are performed with a conscious blend of general Swedish techniques, reflexology, reiki energy healing, aromatherapy and more.

Giada’s approach to massage is quite a unique one, especially here in Ireland. Some would call it therapeutic, others clinical, and others spiritual.

First, she collects and discusses your health history in a 15 minute consultation. This conversation is about getting to know you, the individual reality that you live and the restrictions within it. You cover what your aches and pains are, where you may be blocked or lacking, what your energy levels are like, and what your goals are for treatment.

After discussing the treatment plan and consent details, she mixes together a massage oil blend infused with the DoTerra essential oils to address your particular physical, energetic and emotional needs.

The DoTerra oils are the highest quality and purest essential oils to be found. They are responsibly sourced, fairly traded and sustainable. For more information, feel free to ask Giada about DoTerra and what they offer or search them up online.

Now more about your treatment. Within the 90 minute massage treatment, Giada combines Reiki energy healing with a number of massage techniques, including: general Swedish, myofascial release, cranial sacral, shiatsu, deep tissue, trager, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology of the feet, hands and face.

After treatment, there is a 15 minute post-treatment discussion. Within this time, Giada will offer remedial suggestions and self-care tips to address your areas of concern. Depending on the presenting problems, Giada may refer you onto other health care providers to better address your particular needs.

Giada believes in a healthy balance of Alternative health care and Western medicine. She has a solid foundational knowledge in natural self-care solutions, as well as a large and well connected community of holistic health care providers. Should you be in search of any kind of practitioner or modality in particular, ask Giada and she will connect you to at least one person that can help you.

The holistic or alternative method of health care is very much focused on a natural and well rounded approach to health and well being. Giada takes this approach not just with her clients, but for any and everyone she meets.

Office Kneads

Office Kneads provides on-site chair massage services.

No oil is required and massages are fully clothed. The massage chairs are brought on-site by the massage therapists and sanitised and reset between clients.

Sessions are 20 minutes long including 10-15 minute massages and include a brief pre-treatment consultation, as well as post treatment self-care advice. Typical treatments involve the back, neck and shoulders. If requested, the therapist could also do a scalp massage, arms and hands, or feet.

Office Kneads chair massage is guaranteed to have your employees feeling less stressed, less tense, and happy to be a part of your team.

Self-Care Solutions Consulting

Support employees to take the best care of themselves in the office with corporate wellness entrepreneur and holistic physical therapist Giada Labrecque who will share her professional tips for relieving the most common ailments experienced at work.

With easy-to-follow instructions for the daily workplace self-care routine, employees will find out how to naturally:

  • Treat tension headaches
  • Release neck and shoulder tension
  • Manage arthritis & carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Address lower back pain
  • Soothe sore legs and feet
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and depression
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Self-Care Solutions Consulting - Packages

Has your team specific aches and pains they would like to address?

  • Self-Care Solutions at Work – 60 Minute Zoom Presentation. €8 A 60 minute presentation on any two topics of your choice from the Self-Care Solutions at Work list.
  • Self-Care Solutions at Work – One-on-one Consultation €47 Receive a targeted session with Giada to discuss your particular aches and pains. To book this, visit
  • Self-Care Solutions at Work –90 Minute Zoom Presentation €100 A 90 minute presentation on any three topics of your choice from the Self-Care Solutions at Work list. Includes Q&A.
  • Self-Care Solutions at Work – One-on-one Consultation €47 For in-person presentations, please contact Giada at [email protected]

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Can’t recommend Giada enough. Attentive, empathetic and professional to meet the needs of her clients. Amazing at what she does best. 5/5 massage.


Can't recommend Giada enough

Would highly recommend – had one massage therapy session a month ago and felt incredible afterwards! All sessions are specific to the client which I found was very thoughtful and Giada had lots of recommendations for me based on my body’s requirements! I can’t wait to go back!


I can't wait to go back!

I received a reply very promptly and was even given some advice and things to try before my appointment which was very thoughtful and kind. She cares about her customers.


She cares about her customers

Giada’s massage is at the same time gentle and deep. I felt a very profound relaxation and a high feeling of awareness and presence, and I think her focus and attention plus the cozy ambience she provides made this possible. Probably one of the best massages I’ve received. Highly recommend.